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Plywood: A Versatile Building Material for Indoor and Outdoor Projects

What is plywood?

Plywood - A Versatile Building Material

Plywood is an incredibly useful material with a wide range of practical applications, making it a popular choice for interior, structural, and exterior projects. This versatile wood product is created by layering thin sheets of wood veneer and gluing them together, with each adjacent layer having its wood grain rotated up to 90 degrees to one another. The result is a sturdy and flat sheet that can be used in various construction tasks.

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The Plywood Manufacturing Process:

The process of creating plywood varies depending on its intended use. For building purposes, the plywood is pressed into large flat sheets, while for applications in aircraft or boat construction or furniture-making, it is formed into curves. Each layer of ply has its grain running at right angles, ensuring strength, durability, and minimal chances of shrinking. The plywood typically consists of a minimum of three layers of wood held together with an adhesive.

Plywood Materials:

The materials used in plywood production play a significant role in determining its properties. Plywood can be made from softwoods, hardwoods, or a combination of both. Common softwoods used include cedar, pine, redwood, and spruce, with Douglas fir being the most frequently used. Hardwood plywood, on the other hand, is commonly created using oak, mahogany, teak, maple, or ash. Composite plywood, featuring very thick sheets, is made using either solid lumber pieces or particle board for its core.

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Adhesive Types:

Various types of adhesives are used to bond the layers of wood in plywood, depending on their intended usage. Phenol-formaldehyde resin is employed for exterior sheets as it provides exceptional strength and moisture resistance, making it ideal for outdoor projects. Interior plywood sheets usually use soybean protein or blood protein-based adhesives, but they may also adopt the same phenol-formaldehyde resin as the exterior sheets. For furniture-making, the urea-formaldehyde resin is commonly used.

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Additional Plywood Materials:

Some projects require additional materials to enhance plywood’s properties. Overlaid plywood has a layer of metal, plastic, paper, or fabric bonded to its back or face, increasing its resistance to moisture. This type is prevalent in transportation, agriculture, and construction industries. Plywood can also have a layer of liquid stain applied to give it a polished look, perfect for decorative projects. Additionally, various chemicals can be used to treat plywood to enhance its properties, such as increasing flame or decay resistance.

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Plywood Classification:

Plywood is classified into two categories, each with its own grading system. The construction/industrial classification focuses on strength and is rated based on veneer grade, exposure capability (exterior or interior), and the type of adhesive used. Grades range from D (lowest, multiple defects) to N (highest, very few defects). The hardwood/decorative classification emphasizes appearance, with grades based on the plywood’s resistance to moisture. The face of this type is usually free from defects, used primarily for decorative purposes.

Plywood Sizes:

Plywood comes in a wide range of sizes, with thicknesses ranging from 0.6 inches to 3 inches. The most commonly used thickness falls between 0.25 to 0.75 inches. For uniformity, the back and face of the veneer must have the same thickness, and the top and bottom crossbands must also be of equal size.

Dongstar® plywood’s universal properties and versatile nature make it an ideal choice for a wide array of building and decorative projects. Whether for interior, structural, or exterior applications, plywood is an invaluable material that brings durability and functionality to construction endeavors. For more information about plywood and its manufacturing process, feel free to contact Dongstar®, a plywood supplier and manufacturer from China.

Dongstar® Plywood:

Film Faced Plywood:

Film faced plywood is a durable and versatile construction material. It is overlaid with a protective film on both sides, making it resistant to moisture, chemicals, and abrasion. 

OSB Board:

OSB (Oriented Strand Board) is a popular wood-based panel known for its versatility and strength. 


Thanks to flexible applications and customizable functions, MDF & HDF boards have become the first choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Marine Board:

Marine plywood is a type of high-quality plywood known for its exceptional durability and water-resistant properties. 

Particle Board:

Particle board, also known as chipboard, is an engineered wood product made from wood particles, such as wood chips, sawmill shavings, and other wood residues. 

Melamine Board:

Melamine board is a popular and versatile material used in a wide range of interior applications, known for its exceptional durability and attractive surface finish.


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