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Luan Meranti plywood

Lauan, Meranti, Okoume, Bintangor – Plywood: A Diverse World of Shorea Species

  • Botanical Name: Shorea spp.
  • Common Names: Lauan, Balau, Light Red Meranti, Dark Red Meranti, White Meranti, Yellow Meranti, Philippine Mahogany

Step into the captivating realm of plywood, where a plethora of exotic Shorea species awaits. From the warm hues of pale straw to the rich tones of reddish brown, each variety of Lauan, Meranti, Okoume, and Bintangor plywood holds a unique allure.

1/8″ (3mm)4’x8′Veneer
1/4″ (5.2mm)4’x8′Veneer
1/4″ (5.2mm)4’x10′Veneer
1/2″ (12mm)4’x8′Veneer
3/4″ (18mm)4’x8′Lumber-core


The color of this plywood family can exhibit a delightful array, with different species showcasing various shades. Lauan, Meranti, Okoume, and Bintangor plywood encompass a diverse palette, ranging from the enchanting pale straw to the alluring darker reddish brown. This natural variation in color adds depth and character to each piece, making it a visual treat for discerning eyes.

Physical Properties:

A distinctive coarse texture with medium to large pores defines this plywood family. Some species may exhibit interlocked grain, adding an extra touch of interest to their surface. These unique physical properties contribute to the charm of Lauan, Meranti, Okoume, and Bintangor plywood, making them desirable choices for a range of projects.

Working Properties:

Embracing a reputation for ease of workability, this plywood family boasts low density, making it a delight to handle for craftsmen. However, some species may leave rough or ragged surfaces during sanding, requiring finer grit sanding to achieve a flawless finish. It’s worth noting that certain varieties may contain small levels of silica, which could mildly affect tool sharpness. Nevertheless, Lauan, Meranti, Okoume, and Bintangor plywood prove to be versatile, excelling in various woodworking applications.


The diverse applications of this plywood family encompass an impressive array of projects. From plywood sheets to interior furniture, Lauan, Meranti, Okoume, and Bintangor plywood exhibit their strength and beauty in general construction and concrete forms. Their versatility extends to fulfilling general utility purposes, where they lend their reliable characteristics to a wide range of creations.

Dongstar® - Plywood

As you embark on your woodworking journey, consider the rich world of Lauan, Meranti, Okoume, and Bintangor plywood, where Shorea species converge to offer endless possibilities. With their unique appearances and commendable working properties, these plywood variants are sure to elevate your craftsmanship to new heights. From the splendor of interior furniture to the sturdiness of concrete forms, this plywood family stands as a testament to the wonders of nature’s craftsmanship and human artistry.

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