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Maple plywood

Exploring the Versatility of Acer Saccharum - Hard Maple Plywood

  • Botanical Name: Acer Saccharum.
  • Common Names: Hard maple, Rock maple, Sweet maple, and Black maple.
  • Sources: Grows throughout eastern North America.

Acer Saccharum, commonly known as Hard Maple, is a remarkable hardwood that thrives throughout eastern North America. With its array of desirable properties, Hard Maple plywood has become a popular choice for a variety of applications.

1/8″4’x8′AAPlain Sliced WhiteVeneer
1/4″4’x8′AAPlain Sliced WhiteVeneer
1/4″4’x8′C3WPF ShopVeneer
3/8″4’x8′C3WPF ShopVeneer
1/2″4’x8′B2WPF WhiteVeneer
1/2″4’x8′C3WPF ShopVeneer
3/4″4’x8′A1WPF WhiteMDF
3/4″4’x8′A1WPF WhiteVeneer
3/4″4’x8′A1WPF White MDFVeneer
3/4″4’x8′C3WPF ShopVeneer
3/4″4’x8′A1WPF NaturalVeneer
3/4″4’x8′C3WPF ShopVeneer
1/4″4’x8′C1WPF White UV1S
1/2″4’x8′C3WPF UV2S Shop
3/4″4’x8′C3WPF UV2S Shop
3/4″4’x8′C3WPF UV1S Shop
3/4″4’x8′A1WPF White UV2S
3/4″4’x8′C1WPF White UV2S


Hard Maple boasts a straight, close grain with a fine and uniform texture. Its sapwood is nearly white, often with a subtle reddish tinge, while the heartwood carries a delightful light tannish hue.

Physical Properties:

Renowned for its strength and sturdiness, Hard Maple is a heavy and hard wood with excellent stiffness. While it offers moderate shock resistance, its decay resistance is relatively low. In use, the wood exhibits moderate movement. One of its notable features is its ability to steam-bend satisfactorily, making it suitable for crafting unique and creative designs.

Working Properties:

Working with Hard Maple is a rewarding experience, as it machines exceptionally well, especially for turning projects. However, it is worth noting that it can be susceptible to burning during cutting, and its irregular grain may cause chip-out in some instances. For screwing or nailing, pre-drilling is recommended to achieve optimal results. On the positive side, this hardwood glues effortlessly and finishes exceptionally smoothly, making it a delight to work with for various applications.


The versatility of Hard Maple knows no bounds, as it finds its way into numerous applications. Its density and durability make it a top choice for furniture and cabinetry, where its timeless appeal and strength are highly valued. Hard Maple is a favored material for interior joinery, bowling pins, and bowling lanes due to its exceptional wear resistance. Its reliability extends to school desks, ladder rungs, countertops, cutting boards, and textile rollers. Sports goods, such as baseball bats and hockey sticks, benefit from the wood’s robust characteristics. Additionally, its acoustic properties make it a sought-after choice for crafting stringed instruments. Hard Maple is also utilized for paneling and decorative veneer, adding elegance to interior spaces.

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Commonly marketed as Hard Maple, Acer Saccharum stands as a testament to the natural beauty and functionality that hardwoods offer. From furniture and cabinetry to musical instruments and sports equipment, Hard Maple continues to play a vital role in enhancing our daily lives with its strength, resilience, and aesthetic appeal.

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