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  • Size: 1220*2440mm(4′*8′),2100*2500mm(Thickness ≤9mm) or upon request
  • Thickness: 2-30mm (2.7mm,3mm,6mm, 9mm ,12mm ,15mm,18mm or upon request)
  • Thickness Tolerance: +/- 0.2mm-0.5mm
  • Face/Back: Plain or Melamine Paper/ HPL /PVC /Leather / etc ( one side or both side melamine faced )
  • Base Board: Raw MDF , MHR MDF(Green), FR MDF (Red) , HDF (Black)
  • Surface Treatment: Matt, textured, glossy, embossed or magic
  • Colors: Solid color (such as grey, white, black, red, blue, orange, green, yellow, ect.) ;Wood grain (such as beech, cherry, walnut,teak, oak, maple, sapele, wenge, rosewood, ect.) Cloth grain & marble grain. More than 1000 kinds color are available.
  • Certification: ISO ,CE,CARB ,FSC
  • Density: 650-1200 kg/m3
  • Glue: E0/E1/E2
  • Application: Furniture, interior decoration and wood flooring.
  • Standard Packing: Loose packing or Standard export pallet packing

MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard): A multifunctional wood-based panel

MDF & HDF Manufacturer - Dongstar® - China FR MDF Sheet Factory

In construction and carpentry, the right material determines the quality and durability of the final product. One material that has grown in popularity over the years is medium density fiberboard (MDF), a man-made panel. Thanks to flexible applications and customizable functions, MDF boards have become the first choice for DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

MDF Finish

Further processing possibilities:

MDF can carry out various value-added processes, such as:

  • Wood Veneer: Apply a thin layer of wood veneer to the surface to enhance visual appeal and simulate the appearance of real wood.
  • Melamine Stickers: Add melamine film to provide different textures, patterns and colors.
  • PVC: Use PVC to create a smooth, wear-resistant surface and edge banding.
MDF No Finish
MDF No Finish
MDF Wood Veneer
MDF Wood Veneer
MDF PVC Finish
MDF PVC Finish
MDF Melamine Finish
MDF Melamine Finish

MDF Core

MDF Core
MDF Black Core
MDF Red Core
MDF Green Core

MDF Application

MDF can be used in various industries, including:

  • Furniture Manufacturing: It is widely used in the production of cabinets, shelves, tables and other furniture pieces, thanks to the stability, workability and smooth surface of MDF.
  • Interior Design: MDF can also be used for wall panels, moldings, doors and floors, offering design and finish versatility.
  • Construction: It can be found in houses with interior partitions, acoustic panels, false ceilings and architectural millwork.
  • Wooden case packaging: MDF is used in packaging solutions including crates, pallets and display racks due to its strength and ability to be customized.
  • DIY: Do-it-yourselfers will use it to give full play to their creativity.
Melamine plywood wardrobes
Melamine plywood kitchen cabinets
Kitchen cabinets
Melamine plywood bookshelves
Melamine plywood wall panels
Wall panels

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