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Cherry plywood

Cherry Plywood: Elevate Your Creations with Timeless Elegance

  • Botanical Name: Prunus Serotina
  • Common Names: Wild cherry, Wild black cherry, Rum cherry, Cabinet cherry, Capulin, and New England mahogany
  • Sources: Harvested from abundant groves in Canada, the United States, and Central America, Cherry emanates from regions that embrace the allure of cherry trees and their timeless elegance.

Discover the allure of cherry plywood, a true gem among wood enthusiasts, where the beauty of rich reddish-brown heartwood meets the artistry of fine craftsmanship. Boasting a range of thicknesses, from 1/4 inch to 3/4 inch, this exquisite plywood is revered for its exceptional working properties and stunning appearance.

1/4″4’x8′B2Plain SlicedVeneer
1/2″4’x8′A1Plain SlicedClassic Core
3/4″4’x8′A1Plain SlicedClassic Core
3/4″4’x8′C3ShopUsually Classic Core
1/4″4’x8′A4UV1S Pre-finishedVeneer
3/4″4’x8′A1UV1S Pre-finishedVeneer


Feast your eyes on the enchanting beauty of cherry plywood, blessed with its straight-grained pattern and a uniform texture that exudes elegance. Its rich luster adds a touch of opulence to any creation. The heartwood, ranging from light to dark reddish-brown, evokes warmth and sophistication, while the narrow, nearly white sapwood provides a delightful contrast, enhancing its visual appeal.

Physical Properties:

Craftsmen and artisans alike find joy in working with cherry plywood, as it gracefully yields to both hand and machine tools. A true delight on the lathe, it turns with ease, allowing for artistic expressions in various projects. Rest assured that screws and nails find their place securely, as it holds them well. In the realm of finishes, cherry plywood shines, gluing and staining with ease. Revel in the beauty of a naturally darkening finish as your creations age gracefully.

Working Properties:

Delight in the ease of working with Cherry Plywood, as it responds gracefully to both hand and machine tools. On the lathe, it turns with ease, allowing for intricate designs and artistic expressions. Screws and nails find secure positions, as it holds them steadfastly. When it comes to finishes, Cherry Plywood shines, gluing and staining effortlessly. Witness the transformation of its finish as it naturally darkens with age, adding depth and character to your creations.


Let your imagination run wild as cherry plywood beckons a wide array of applications. Its versatility finds expression in cabinetry, interior furniture, paneling, and architectural woodwork, where it adds a touch of refined elegance. Celebrate the sentimental value it brings as it finds its place in caskets, woodenware, toys, and novelties. cherry plywood also proves its mettle in crafting gun stocks and tool handles, where its strength and aesthetics converge.

Dongstar® - Plywood

Unveil the timeless beauty of cherry plywood, a plywood that stands as a testament to nature’s artistic prowess and man’s ingenuity. Whether you seek to craft heirloom-quality furniture or bring to life architectural wonders, cherry plywood awaits, ready to elevate your creations to a level of sophistication that transcends time. Embrace the allure of this magnificent wood and let your craftsmanship shine with timeless elegance.

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