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marine board

Marine Board

  • Size: 1220×2440mm / 1220×2745 mm /1830x915mm or as customized request
  • Thickness: 3mm, 5mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm, 10mm, 11mm, 12mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 18mm,  21mm, 25mm
  • Moisture: 8%-12%
  • Core panel: Eucalyptus, birch
  • Type: Standard Board, Fire Resistant Board, Water Resistant Board
  • Veneer Options: Okoume, Bintangor
  • Application: Boat, kitchen cabinets, wardrobe doors, shoe cabinet, TV cabinets, furniture boards

Navigating Excellence, Choose Dongstar® Marine Plywood.

Marine plywood is a type of high-quality plywood known for its exceptional durability and water-resistant properties. As a reputable supplier of marine ply board from China, Dongstar® offers a range of marine sheet options designed to withstand harsh marine environments and various demanding applications. The key features of marine board, including its core material, glue choices, and veneer options, provide you with essential insights to make an informed decision for your projects.

Core Material - The Foundation of Durability

One of the critical factors determining marine plywood’s durability is its core material. For marine applications, the core must be strong, durable, and withstand prolonged exposure to moisture and humidity. Eucalyptus and birch are two commonly used hardwoods for the core of marine ply. Both planks of wood boast excellent strength and resistance to decay, making them ideal choices for ensuring the structural integrity of the plywood.

Eucalyptus & brich
Eucalyptus & brich
Cost-Effective Choice – Eucalyptus Core:

Considering cost and budget constraints, many people opt for eucalyptus core marine plywood. Eucalyptus wood offers a balance between durability and affordability, making it a cost-effective option for various marine and non-marine applications. With proper treatment and care, eucalyptus core marine sheet can provide long-lasting performance in both wet and dry conditions.

Veneer Options - Okoume and Bintangor

The outer layers of marine plywood, known as veneers, contribute to its appearance and finish. Okoume and Bintangor are two popular choices for marine board veneers. Okoume veneer offers a smooth surface and attractive grain pattern, making it a favored option for high-end marine applications. Bintangor veneer, on the other hand, boasts an appealing appearance and consistent quality, making it suitable for a wide range of marine and non-marine projects.

Bintangor Veneer
Bintangor Veneer
Okoume Veneer
Okoume Veneer

Waterproof Glue - Phenolic Glue for Unyielding Strength

To fortify marine plywood against water damage, the use of waterproof glue is essential. Phenolic glue is widely regarded as the best choice for marine plywood due to its outstanding water resistance and bonding strength. Phenolic glue ensures that the layers of veneer remain firmly bonded together, even in extreme moisture and marine environments, preventing delamination and maintaining the plywood’s structural integrity.

Dongstar® Plywood Glue >>

Size - 6/9/12/18/25mm

Marine plywood is available in various thicknesses to cater to different construction and marine applications. The most common sizes of marine ply board include 6mm, 9mm, 12mm, 18mm, and 25mm. Each thickness serves specific purposes and offers different structural strengths, making them suitable for various projects. Here’s a brief overview of the common sizes of marine ply board and their typical applications:

  • 6mm

Ideal for lightweight applications and interior use.
Used in marine cabinetry, interior partitions, and furniture.

  • 9mm

Suitable for applications that require moderate strength and durability.
Used in marine interior construction, wall paneling, and partitions.

  • 12mm

A versatile size that offers good structural integrity.
Used in marine cabinetry, exterior wall sheathing, and boat interior construction.

  • 18mm

Provides higher strength and durability for heavy-duty applications.
Commonly used in marine deck flooring, boat building, and exterior applications.

  • 25mm

The thickest option, offering maximum strength and stability.
Used in marine docks, heavy-duty marine structures, and high-stress applications.

Please note that these sizes are standard dimensions, and custom sizes may also be available upon request to suit specific project requirements. When choosing the appropriate thickness of marine plywood for your project, consider factors like load-bearing capacity, moisture exposure, and overall structural demands.

Dongstar® - China Marine Plywood Supplier

Marine plywood is a versatile and resilient material widely used in marine and construction industries, thanks to its durable core material, waterproof phenolic glue, and veneer options like Okoume and Bintangor. As a reliable supplier of marine board from China, Dongstar® ensures the highest quality standards, providing you with marine ply solutions that excel in both performance and value. Whether for marine applications or other demanding projects, choose Dongstar® as your trusted source for premium marine ply board, delivering long-lasting results and exceeding your expectations.

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