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Film Faced Plywood: Unveiling Versatility and Durability in Construction

Whats is film faced plywood?

Film-faced plywood, also known as shuttering plywood or formwork plywood, is a versatile and high-performance building material widely used in the construction industry. With a resilient film coating on both sides, this specialized plywood exhibits exceptional strength and water resistance, making it an ideal choice for various formwork and structural applications. As a reputable film-faced plywood manufacturer and supplier from China, Dongstar® takes pride in providing top-quality formwork plywood solutions that deliver unmatched performance and reliability for construction projects worldwide.

building material widely used in the construction industry

Advantages of Film-Faced Plywood:

Water Resistance

The film coating on both sides of the plywood acts as a waterproof barrier, protecting it from moisture and humidity. This feature allows formwork plywood to endure harsh weather conditions, making it suitable for outdoor applications such as concrete formwork and scaffolding.

Durability and Strength

Film-faced plywood is engineered to withstand heavy loads and repetitive use. Its sturdy construction ensures it can endure the stresses of construction processes, providing consistent performance throughout the project.


Film-faced plywood can be reused multiple times without compromising its structural integrity. Its reusability makes it a cost-effective choice for construction projects, reducing material waste and overall expenses.

Smooth and Uniform Surface

The film coating imparts a smooth and uniform surface to the plywood, ensuring a clean and even finish for concrete casting. This smooth surface reduces the need for excessive preparation and contributes to high-quality concrete finishes.

Applications of Film Faced Plywood

Concrete Formwork

Formwork plywood is extensively used as concrete formwork due to its robustness, smooth surface, and water-resistant properties. It creates a stable and uniform mold for pouring concrete, resulting in superior-quality castings.

Scaffolding and Shoring

In construction sites, shuttering plywood  is commonly employed in scaffolding and shoring applications. Its strength and durability make it suitable for supporting workers and materials during construction and renovation projects.

Road and Bridge Construction

Shuttering plywood is utilized in the construction of roads and bridges, where it provides an ideal formwork solution for casting concrete in various shapes and dimensions.

Building Facades

Film-faced plywood is often used as cladding material for building facades, thanks to its attractive appearance and weather-resistant qualities.

Dongstar® - China Plywood Manufacturer

Film-faced plywood is a game-changer in the construction industry, offering water resistance, strength, and versatility in various applications. As a leading film-faced plywood manufacturer and supplier from China, Dongstar® provides top-quality products that meet international standards and ensure optimum performance in construction projects around the globe. Choose Dongstar® for reliable and durable shuttering plywood solutions that stand the test of time, empowering your construction endeavors with utmost efficiency and excellence.

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