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Usage scenarios of Anti-Slip plywood​

Anti-Slip Plywood is a type of plywood often used in construction. Where can it be used? Dongstar will tell you in detail.

Birch: most suitable board material for outdoor use

If you are looking for the most suitable panel material for outdoor use, we recommend: birch Anti-Slip Plywood. Birch wood is by nature very strong and easy to work with. The veneer layers of birch wood can therefore be made extra thin. Therefore, birch Anti-Slip Plywood  sheets consist of more layers than other types of wood. This makes birch Anti-Slip Plywood  boards stronger and flatter than other Anti-Slip Plywood boards. Because the veneer layers are glued moisture-resistant, the glue will not come off in humid conditions.

Tropical hardwood; not suitable for outdoor use, but can be used in damp spaces

The wood connoisseurs among us may ask themselves: “But can’t hardwood resist moisture better than birch? Why is hardwood Anti-Slip Plywood  not suitable for outdoor use? It is true that hardwood can resist moisture better than birch, but hardwood Anti-Slip Plywood consists of fewer layers than birch Anti-Slip Plywood. Because of the hard wood, the layers are thicker and therefore there is more tension on the plate. In hardwood Anti-Slip Plywood are also several types of tropical hardwood used. The wood will therefore work more at varying degrees of humidity and temperature. That is why hardwood Anti-Slip Plywood is not suitable for outdoor applications, but it is suitable for humid areas, because it is glued WBP.

Spruce; flat boards for humid areas

Anti-Slip Plywood made of pinewood is very flat due to the high bending strength of the wood. Therefore, it is often used to make flat walls or as an underlay for floors in wet rooms. The wood does have an increased risk of splitting, which should be taken into account when processing the material.


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